Product Code: HI1-2103

Product Benefits

  • Stable, stay-in-grade oil suitable for extended drain intervals
  • Premium Full Synthetic low SAPs Engine Oil
  • Super High Performance


Hi-Tec Synplus A5/B5 0W/30 meets or exceeds:

  • ACEA: A5/B5-08
  • API: SL, SJ, SH, CF, CE, CD


Technical Advice

Hi-Tec Synplus A5/B5 SL/CF 0W/30 is a full synthetic, low SAPS, super high performance engine oil which combines the latest development in oil formulation and additive technology to provide a lubricating oil with the highest level of protection whilst promoting fuel efficiency in modern low friction engines.

Hi-Tec Synplus A5/B5 SL/CF 0W/30 is a stable, stay-in-grade oil intended for use at extended drain intervals in high performance gasoline engines and car and light van diesel engines. These engines will be designed to be capable of using this low friction low viscosity oil with a High Temperature / High Shear rate (HTHS) viscosity of between 2.9 and 3.5 mPa.s.

Hi-Tec Synplus A5/B5 SL/CF 0W/30 meets the 2008 ACEA A5/B5 specifications giving it increased sludge handling performance to further increase the long drain capabilities of this oil.

Today’s environmentally conscious market demands reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency. Car manufacturers have developed smaller, higher output engines to meet these stricter requirements. These new engine designs have resulted in the need for higher performing lubricants.

Smaller engines help decrease vehicle weight and improve fuel economy but impact lubricants through:

  • Increased heat generation which accelerates the rate of oil oxidation, nitration and deposit formation. This degrades the oil and encourages the creation of more acid and engine sludge and increases oil viscosity, resulting in more internal engine drag and less performance.
  • Increased internal pressures and engine speeds which make it harder for the oil to maintain a lubricant film and prevent metal on metal contact. This accelerates valve train wear.

Hi-Tec Synplus A5/B5 0W/30  are designed to meet these challenges to the engine’s lubrication systems, providing full engine protection whilst increasing fuel economy and drain intervals and lowering emissions.


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Chemical Characteristics

Density, kg/lt @15oC 0.852, Viscosity, cSt @100oC 10.5, cSt @40oC 61, Cranking, cP @-35, oC 6080, Viscosity Index 163, HTHS, cP 3.2, Total Base Number, mg KOH/g 10.1, Sulphated Ash, % wt 1.26, Phosphorus Content, % wt 0.09, Sulphur Content, % wt 0.26, Flash Point, oC min 200


Clear and bright liquid.




200lt, 20lt, 5lt, BULK

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