Product Code: HI8-3230

Product Benefit

  • Extends the period between changing coolant
  • Passenger vehicles and light commercial transporters – 250,000kms / 5 years (whichever comes first).
  • Heavy duty vehicles – 1,000,000km / 6 years / 12,000 hrs (with good quality water and product is used as directed)
  • Provides maximum anti-freeze/anti-boil protection.


Hi-Tec Long Life Coolant meets or exceeds the requirements of:

  • Refer to Data Sheet for extensive list of approvals


Technical Advice

Hi-Tec Long Life Coolant Blue is an ethylene glycol based antifreeze/coolant concentrate incorporating an advanced Organic Acid Technology (OATS) formula with virtually non-depleting organic acid corrosion inhibitors. The product is dyed a distinctive blue colour for ease of identification.

It is silicate free for improved pump life and contains no environmentally harmful nitrates, borates, phosphates, amines or nitrites.

Hi-Tec Long Life Coolant Blue is compatible with conventional coolants and can be used for top-up of conventional coolants. If the product is to be mixed with some heavy duty diesel coolants, the user must continue to add SCA’s (Supplementary Coolant Additives) for heavy-duty service until the next coolant change-out.



Product Name


Manufacturer's Product Code



Glycol based engine cooling system treatment

Chemical Characteristics





1000lt, 1lt, 200lt, 20lt, 5lt, BULK

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