Product Code: HI7-1026

Product Benefits

  • Reduces drag and shudder which helps eliminate loss of power related to friction.
  • Excellent water resistance properties to ensure long lubricant service life.
  • Protection against shock loading and reduction of premature component wear.
  • Superior corrosion protection for working surfaces.
  • Outstanding mechanical stability.
  • Excellent protection against wear.
  • Excellent lubricant for anti-friction and plain bearings subjected to high load, and where water washout or ingress is a problem.


  • Booms of telescopic handlers, cranes and overhead gantry hoists.
  • Bushes, sliding surfaces and guides.
  • Plain and anti-friction bearings.


Technical Advice

Boom Grease is a premium quality mineral oil-based, lithium complex extreme pressure grease. It is water resistant and contains PTFE anti-wear additives and anti-corrosion agents. Boom Grease has been specially designed for use on the booms of telescopic handlers, cranes and overhead gantry hoists as well as for use in anti-friction and plain bearings.

Product Name

Synplus SM/CF 5W30 Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Manufacturer's Product Code



Full synthetic oil for petrol and light diesel engines

Chemical Characteristics





1000lt, 10lt, 1lt, 200lt, 20lt, 5lt, BULK

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