• HI3_2684_WEB


    Hi-Tec MULTITRANS ATF is a premium synthetic automatic transmission fluid specifically designed for use in North American, European and Asian vehicles. Hi-Tec MULTITRANS ATF has exceptional oxidative resistance, anti-wear performance and frictional stability. It provides excellen...

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  • HI3-2677-WEB


    Hi-Tec MULTITRANS PLUS ATF is a premium full synthetic automatic transmission fluid approved by ZF to the ZF TE-ML 14C and ZF TE-ML 20C performance standards, as well as for use in many North American, European and Asian vehicles. The ZF TE-ML 14C performance level allows oil and...

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  • HI3-2676-WEB


    Hi-Tec Universal CVT Transmission Fluid is a premium synthetic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) fluid designed for use in a wide variety of vehicles. Continuously Variable Transmissions can be chain or belt driven. Both types of CVTs operate through a torque converter whe...

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  • 20L-ATFDX6

    ATF DX6

    Hi-Tec ATF DX6 is a synthetic-based automatic transmission fluid specially formulated to meet the requirements of the General Motors Dexron® VI specification. PRODUCT APPLICATION Hi-Tec ATF DX6 is recommended for transmissions used in most General Motors, Hol...

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