• multi fit wipers


    Hi-Tec Multi Fit Soft Wiper is engineered for highly curved windshields, aerodynamic design with less windlift. It is manufactured for maximum performance and durability.

    It is lower profile and out-of-view. It is for all-weather and all-season perfo...

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  • 20l-fleetwash


    Hi-Tec Fleetwash is a coconut oil based detergent formulation containing inorganic phosphates for the purpose of removing dirt, mud, oil film and road grime from all washable surfaces. Hi-Tec Fleetwash can be used for all road, commercial and recreational vehicles, engines, and u...

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  • 20l-wb-degreaser


    Hi-Tec Water Based (WB) Degreaser is a non hazardous, biodegradable, alkaline cleaner that can be used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. Hi-Tec Water Based (WB) Degreaser is formulated to provide a powerful emulsifying action to remove dirt, greases and...

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  • 20l-super-scruba


    Hi-Tec Super Scruba Citrus Hand Cleaner is a yellow coloured naturally formulated citrusbased waterless hand cleaner containing grit. It removes grease, oil, industrial grime and dirt. Dispense a small portion of Hi-Tec Super Scruba Citrus Hand Cleaner onto hands and rub evenly o...

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    Hi-Tec Ultra Magic is a concentrated multipurpose cleaner with no phosphates added. Hi-Tec Ultra Magic is a concentrated detergent which effectively removes dirt, oil and grime from all washable surfaces. It is non-toxic and contains no solvents or caustic. It is non-irritating t...

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    Hi-Tec Armor Kote when applied to vinyl and rubber surfaces will produce a gloss leaving the surface looking as new. Hi-Tec Armor Kote is safe to use on all surfaces such as bumpers, cover strips etc. Spray a small quantity of Hi-Tec Armor Kote onto the vinyl or rubber surface an...

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  • HI8-3040


    Hi-Tec Cleaning Rags can be used for many different services and applications. The product is ideal for wiping and cleaning excess oil and spills in warehouse and workshop environments. Keep Hi-Tec rags on hand in your workshop for an easy low cost cleaning solution....

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  • 20l-windscreen-additive


    Hi-Tec Windscreen Wash Additive is a clear blue liquid concentrate designed to be used in automotive windscreen washer reservoirs. Hi-Tec Windscreen Wash Additive is water soluble and non-flammable. It has slight ammonia smell, and has a pH of approximately 9.7. Hi-Tec Windscreen...

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  • 20l-win-cleaner


    Hi-Tec Window Cleaner is a non hazardous, light duty, biodegradable, slightly alkaline cleaner that can be used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and household window cleaning applications. It is safe to use on most hard surfaces. Hi-Tec Window Cleaner is formulated to ...

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  • 20l-supersorb


    Hi-Tec Super Zorb is lightweight oil absorbent. It can rapidly absorb liquid and retain the liquid against leaching. It does not break down and does not become slippery when wet as do certain other absorbent materials. Hi-Tec Super Zorb is made from crushed white sedimentary rock...

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  • 15l-blue-air


    Hi-Tec Blue Air is a non-toxic aqueous 32.5% urea solution used to chemically reduce NOx emissions from heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles. It is not a dangerous good, nor harmful to the environment, and is classified in the minimum-risk category of transportable fluids. Hi-Tec Blue Air can simply b...

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    Hi-Tec Heavy Duty Degreaser is composed of petroleum solvents and a detergent emulsifier. The cleaning action of the solvents is enhanced by presence of aromatic components which improve penetration and solvency. Hi-Tec Heavy Duty Degreaser can be used for cleaning machinery, wor...

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