• 20L-CHAINBAR-100-220

    CHAIN BAR OIL 32 to 220

    Hi-Tec Chain Bar Oils are made from a blend of high quality base stocks and selected additives to ensure optimum performance and long life lubrication of chains and their sprockets. Hi-Tec Chain Bar Oils contain tackifiers to resist “throw-off” ensuring that a continuous wear re...

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  • 20L-ROCK-DRILL-100-460

    ROCK DRILL OIL 100 to 460

    Hi-Tec Rock Drill Oil 100 provides effective lubrication and long trouble free service life to air operated equipment such as pneumatic drills, jumbo drills, jackleg drills, jackhammers, small air tools and motors, and airline oilers. Hi-Tec Rock Drill Oil 100 is manufactured fro...

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  • 20L-SLIDEWAYOIL-32-150

    SLIDEWAYS OIL 32 to 680

    Hi-Tec Slideway Oils are an upmarket lubricant recommended for slideways of machine tools, planers, lathes or guides of other types of machines where a tacky lubricant is required. Hi-Tec Slideway Oils are manufactured from the highest quality paraffinic base oils, noncorrosive E...

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  • 20L-HEATTRANSFER-12-90


    Hi-Tec Heat Transfer Oils are high performance fluids intended for use in closed indirect heating installations. They are formulated from highly refined base stocks that are resistant to thermal cracking and chemical oxidation. Hi-Tec Heat Transfer Oils have good heat transfer ef...

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  • 20L-PREM-TURBINE-32-320


    Hi-Tec Premium Turbine Oils are multifunctional R&O (rust and oxidation inhibited) oils for use in equipment placing high demands on the lubricant. These turbine oils are also suitable for use in some compressor applications. Hi-Tec Premium Turbine Oils are blended from premi...

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