Hi-Tec SOLUBLE CUTTING FLUID is a premium quality Chlorine Free, borate-containing soluble cutting oil. It is designed for light to moderate machining operations including boring, milling, drilling, tapping, threading, broaching, turning, reaming and grinding. Hi-Tec SOLUBLE CUTT...

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  • 20L-BIOCUT

    BIOCUT Soluble Cutting Fluid

    Hi-Tec Biocut Q3755 Soluble Cutting Fluid is a versatile, general purpose, semi-synthetic, machining and grinding fluid. It is suitable for use on a wide range of metal removal operations for both ferrous and aluminium alloys.. Hi-Tec Biocut Q3755 Soluble Cutting Fluid is mixed w...

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  • 20L-SOLCUT

    SOLCUT QLB2 Soluble Cutting Fluid

    Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 can be used in a wide range of applications, from brass and aluminium machining in large transfer systems to machining steel in small single sump machines. Hi-Tec Solcut QLB2 is a semi-synthetic biostable machining and grinding fluid forming transparent emulsio...

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  • 20L-QUINLUBE-19


    Hi-Tec Quinlube #19 can be used for medium to heavy duty machining and grinding operations requiring maximum cleanliness, cooling and corrosion protection. It is well suited for use on carbon steel, cast iron and other ferrous alloys. Hi-Tec Quinlube #19 is readily bio-degradable...

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  • 20L-QKUT-170

    QKUT Neat Cutting fluid

    Hi-Tec Q-KUT 170 is designed for medium to heavy-duty machining, grinding and threading operations requiring a high degree of lubrication. It is suitable for use on all grades of steel, especially difficult to machine high nickel alloys and copper. Benefits of Hi-Tec Neat C...

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